Forms, materials, colours in our life shape and show what we experience and think about this world. Meet the studios’ limited edition series of favorite objects for pleasant everyday use. Enjoy slow life, simplicity, small footprints and sustainable living on this planet!

Phylia Studio introduces it’s first favorite thing: THE WOOD PLATE

It’s a simple and super product combining a nice touch, feel and look with sustainability. Made out of 100% ash wood, this 25 cm diameter plate will be your favorite thing for your morning scrambled eggs, fruits, sandwiches and dinners. Concerned about cleanness? Think cutting board. When you want to rejuvenate it: sandpaper it, when you are bored with it: burn it! Treated with edible quality mix of linseed and orange oil.

There is only one thing you can not do with it: leaving it in the sink! So improve your dishwashing skills and rinse it clean right after you used it.

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