Phylia Studio organized, curated and art directed the Be a spark – Art&skills workshop week supported by the International Visegrad Fund, as part of the 100 Sparks jamboree in 2019. Events were held in Ipolytarnóc, Nógrád county, a small village right at the Slovakian border.
100 Sparks started out as an Eastern European motorcycle bash for friends in 2017, now it’s turning into a movement of hope for forgotten and disadvantaged places like Ipolytarnóc. Our aim is to put this region onto the cultural and art map of Hungary, to bring intellectual capital to places like this, to experience what advantages can such an act do on a long term to the locals and to the visitors. This year three big scale nature art installations were realized, designed and built by nature artists and architects: KUBUS by István Erőss and the students of the Visual Art Institute, Eger, GATE by Lyra Project (Péter R. Szabó, Zétényi Zsófia, Táncos Anna), STARES by Woven (Anna Cséfalvay, Marianna Maczova)